JMD 50E 


  No.of clamps
Mechanical speed
Programmable Makeready
Max.500 cycles/h
  Binding height
  Binding width
  Binding thickness
  Cover height
  Cover width
  Power required
  Weight of machine
  Overall dimensions(mm)
1075(w) x 2660(L) x 1495(H)



SUPERBINDER-50E is an automatic single clamp perfect binder. It adopts touch screen control technology and easy make ready technology by employing step motors and pneumatic controls. This one man operated perfect binder is solid designed and easy to handle by machine operators. The safety light curtain and the infeed station acts also as machine run and stop switch which reduces stop times greatly.

The SUPERBINDER-50E has many advanced control technologies such as:

(1) Inverter speed regulation;

(2) Siemens programmable logical control (PLC). Touch screen computer make ready in seconds!

 (3) Proportional integral differential temperature control (PID)

 (4)  Automatic photoelectric fault detecting controls.

(5)   Digital displays for various machine settings, for easy resetting for repat work.

(6)   German Becker pump.

(7)  Separate side glue pot with driven side glue wheel

 It features large 4.4 litre glue tanks, with pre-melt chamber; Drive wheel side glue device; automatic removal of glue from the roller at head and toe of book block; automatic timer start up of glue heating unit; and a book-body vibration unit. The cover feed table has air float blast to prevent marking. The covers have automatic scoring which can be adjusted on the run. The operator feeds the book-block into a stationary clamp, and the cover is applied at a stationary clamp. This binder can apply a cover to a threadless book body or a thread-sewn book body. It is an ideal binder for the medium to large-scale printing house or binding factory that produces books.

JMD is committed to manufacturing a binder that meets the requirement and expectations of the most demanding print house. ISO 9001 certification, a comprehensive guarantee and after sales technical support make this binder one that you should consider for your next purchase.