Quick Stand-by System - QSS

This is the system of colour management, which is now required more
 and more. In order to use the machine for colour proofing, QSS has
the programs such as standard ink coating on inking rollers, auto-set ink
key control by selecting type of paper, saving misprinted sheets and so on.
By the combined use with CTP system, QSS provide more effective for
quick and precise make ready.


Sakurai Auto Set - Sheet size and impression pre-setting

Only thing that an operator should do is just to select the sheet size and input
 required data through the display of SIS (Sakurai Interactive System).
Once the sheet data is selected, paper guide on the feeder for both
 circumferential and lateral direction will be adjusted in accordance with
 the selected sheet size automatically. The side lay also move to the proper
position automatically. At the delivery side, vacuum ring move to the
circumferential way and the side jogger moves to the lateral way also.
The most suitable impression pressure will be selected and set automatically
figured out by the data of sheet thickness

Perfecting (SDP model Only)

The computer controls the automatic perfecting changeover system as well as
adjustment for circumferential direction sheet size, so changeover procedure is
carried out from the operation display without any complicated manual procedure.
Sakurai original suction at the sheet tail will also support to achieve the higher
registration for printing

SPC - Sakurai Plate Changing

A plate can be easily, accurately and quickly mounted thanks to the "pinned
cylinder register system" and Sakurai Plate Changing (SPC). The tail edge of
the plate does not require pre-bending, thus allowing the reuse of the plates and
eliminate of the plate bender. As the register pins are easily retractable, the
unpunched plate can also be used. Sakurai Plate Changing is one of the most
time and labour saving devices

Sakurai MTD Colour Control System

The adjustment of each ink key opening can be automatically done by the data
 measurement by MTD. Data is obtained by scanning the ink density on the
 colour bar. Together with Sakurai QSS (Quick Stand-by System), numbers
of waste paper can be reduced and the higher make ready time can be obtained.
 This kind of system together with QSS is the key for on press proofing.


Automatic washing devices

With push-button operation, the ink rollers and blankets are cleaned. For inking
rollers, cleaning liquid is jetted and for blankets, wiping system with unwoven
cloth soaked with cleaning liquid is applied. The washing efficiency in both
cleaning system is highly estimated. Also, the washing pattern is selectable
depends on the dirtiness on the roller or blanket. Furthermore, it is possible
to clean both inking rollers and blankets simultaneously, which can shorten
 cleaning time to about one third compared with the normal case. Moreover,
 water rinsing ink roller and blanket wash-up function, which remove paper
dust and oily layer for better inking on rollers and blankets
Elettra impression cylinder washing is an option.

Cylinder configuration (OLIVER-466SDP)