Sakurai 496SD 


The Sakurai-496SD is a 4 colour 2 x diameter straight model,
 with fully automated features and very robust body construction.
 5, 6, 8 and 10 colour, coater and perfecting are options.

Double diameter impression cylinder
The Sakurai-496SD  has double diameter impression and transfer cylinders, which enable to print a wide variety of sheets from 0.04 to 0.6mm without any special adjustment.
560mm diameter impression cylinder.
The Sakurai--496SD has 7 o'clock cylinder alignment, which eliminates shock marks because printing is completed when the sheet is transferred to the next cylinder.
  Sakurai-496SD is a fully automated labour-saving press:
SAS- sheet size preset, impression preset, SIS -interactive press control, SPC (automatic plate changing) , automatic plate running register system, automatic impression pressure adjustment, automatic plate cocking system, steel plate feed/delivery, ultra-sonic double sheet as standard. QSS- Quick Standby System- programmed de-ink and pre-ink, auto make ready. Standard Ink roller temperature control device ensures stable printing quality by maintaining constant temperature on the roller surface +/- 1 C
 The circulation of over 3.5 litres per minute ensures continuous Elastrohydrodynamic lubrication condition. This critical condition is achieved when the metal surfaces "surf on oil" and do not contact
  Sakurai-496SD has optional equipment:

ATD- Automatic tracking densitometer for print density control.
Automatically changed perfecting device is an option. This is a separate console.
Capable of 8 up  A4
Sakurai-496SD can feed 960 x 640 size. It can print 8 up of A4 size, or 16pp A4 sections.
Reliable rigid structure
Sakurai-496SD has solid side frame and bed structure, which in essential for high speed (16,000iph) and stable printing quality. This machine is designed to be earthquake proof. It is 50%+ heavier built than competing A1 presses.
  Low cost and high return
The Sakurai-496SD is a high quality press at a reasonable price. It is a heavy duty offset press,  with an elegant design and it meets international safety standards and environmental protection.





Maximum sheet size


   965 x 640

Minimum sheet size


   469 x 318

Maximum print size


   955 x 630

Printing speed


   4,000 - 16,200

Sheet thickness


   0.04 - 0.6

Plate size


   975 x 710



   8,945 x 3,297 x 2,144




Standard equipment

SPC - Sakurai Plate Changing system
SAS - Sakurai Auto Set
SIS- Sakurai Interactive System
Programmable ink & blanket washing
Motorized ink fountain roller
Ultra-sonic double sheet detector
SCCIII- Sakurai colour console Type-3
Ink Temperature Control
Plat form feeder/delivery
Suction belt feeding
QSS - Quick Stand-by System

Optional equipment

Ink roller/Blanket water rinsing device
Non-stop feeder
ATD - Auto Tracking Densitometer, for auto density control
MTD- Manual Tracking Densitometer, for auto density control
Automatic ink supply device