Sakurai 475-SD


The Sakurai-475SD, a 4 colour straight 2 x diameter model, with full
 automation.   Perfecting or coating is an option.

Double diameter impression cylinder
The Sakurai-475SD has double diameter impression and transfer cylinders, which enable to print a wide variety of sheets from 0.04 to 0.6mm without any special adjustment.
480mm diameter.
  Sakurai-475SD is a fully automated labour-saving press:
SAS- sheet size preset, programmable ink & blanket washing, SPC (automatic plate changing) , automatic plate running register system, automatic impression pressure adjustment, automatic plate cocking system, steel plate feed/delivery, ultra-sonic double sheet as standard.
7 o'clock cylinder alignment
The Sakurai--475SD has 7 o'clock cylinder alignment, which eliminates shock marks because printing is completed when the sheet is transferred to the next cylinder.
   Sakurai-475 has optional equipment:
See Features and Options

Ink roller temperature control device ensures stable printing quality by maintaining constant temperature on the roller surface.

ATD- Automatic tracking densitometer for print density control.
Automatically changed perfecting device is an option.
Capable of 4 up  B4
Sakurai-475SD can feed 788 x 600 size. You can print 4 up of B4 size.
Reliable rigid structure
Sakurai-475SD has solid side frame and bed structure, which in essential for high speed (15,000iph) and stable printing quality. This machine is designed to be earthquake proof.
  Low cost and high return
The Sakurai-475SD is a high quality press at a reasonable price. It is a heavy duty offset press, with an elegant design and it meets international safety standards and environmental protection.

Now available in SD-Wide!



Maximum sheet size (mm)    765 x 600
   (788 x 600 can be passed.)
Minimum sheet size (mm)    400 x 260
Maximum print size (mm)    765 x 585
   765 x 560(OP)
Printing speed (IPH)    4,000 - 15,000
Sheet thickness (mm)    0.04 - 0.6
Plate size (mm)    770 x 660
   770 x 635(OPT)
Dimensions(LxWxH) (mm)    7,907 x 3,014 x 1,969
Weight (kg)    19,000

Standard equipment

SPC - Sakurai Plate Changing system
SAS - Sakurai Auto Set
Programmable ink & blanket washing
Motorized ink fountain roller
Ultra-sonic double sheet detector
SCCI- Sakurai color console Type-I
Plat form feeder/delivery
Suction belt feeding

Optional equipment

Ink roller temperature control system
Ink roller/Blanket water rinsing device
TQSS - Quick Stand-by System
CIP 3 Interface
Non-stop feeder
ATD - Auto tracking densitometer
Automatic ink supply device